Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting. Years ago before digital cameras became popular I owned a film camera, a Canon T90 which is a SLR with interchangeable lenses, a top of the range model. I spent many happy hours taking photos, mostly with transparency or slide film, on my holidays. However because of the cost of film and developing it my photography was done mostly on holiday. I used to bulk buy slide film and sometimes developed it myself: this only was for Ektachrome slide film. My favourite film though was Fujichrome Velvia as its colour balance was pleasing to me: that film I paid to get developed. I also did a lot of black and white photography, developing the film myself and printing in my own darkroom at home. I even went to college night classes to learn how to develop and print colour negative film. Those days are now history for me with the advent of the digital camera.

My website shows images and videos from a wide variety of kinds of photography. By exploring the website you will see and taste of the kind of photograpy that I currently do (and some of it reflects what my camera club does too). I have a large backlog of images, videos and VR panorams, VR Tours that have as yet not been published on my website but will be so done incrementally over the coming year. I am also currently redesigning the website architecture to create a website that will show my photographic work in the way I want.

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